The U.S. oil refinery business is up against the wall for profiting, coping with oil prices and the economic atmosphere.  Regulatory issues raised by every government from local to federal have imposed requirements, compliance, and regulations across the full imaginable board – each with increased costs and inefficiencies.  It’s a miracle there’s any gasoline or […]

On Thursday October 30th the API’s Jane Van Ryan hosted another blogger conference call. Audio links are at the bottom of the page. Click here for the pdf. I led off the questions asking why diesel isn’t following gasoline down in price. It is but only in part and much more slowly. The answer offered […]

Much to no well-learnt biologist’s surprise there are creatures in the sea eating crude oil that seeps to the surface off Southern California. David Valentine of UC Santa Barbara and Chris Reddy of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts will report in a paper to be published this past Wednesday in the Oct. 1 edition […]

Stupid is as stupid does. Last week saw some states attorneys’ generals file suit to compel the EPA to regulate CO2. So . . . a judge is going to decide that, what one responsible or credible person could say what might be the CO2 policy – but can not for lack of any reasonable […]

I have been quite unimpressed by the “hydrogen economy” concept because of the difficulty in storing and transporting the smallest atom. I can live with the other attributes as careful engineering can cope. I still have reservations about regular folks handling such a volatile fuel. This is moderated by the reports out of MIT from […]

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