Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed harmless viruses that convert mechanical energy into electricity using the piezoelectric effect, creating a new way to generate electric power. The milestone could lead to tiny devices that harvest electrical energy from the vibrations of everyday tasks, something that could […]

Boston College Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dunwei Wang’s paper about web-like nanonets developments has been published in Nano Letters. The development suggests a major breakthrough for lithium ion battery technology. The ‘nanonets’ are tiny scaffold-like structures that are built like a web.  Wang’s nanonets are made with titanium disilicide, and coated with silicon particles that […]

A stunning abundance of energy is available in the form of heat. It’s everywhere, literally, as there remain a few degrees in microwave form from the big bang or something, from more than 15 billion years ago. Heat is a product from the solar activity of every sun, most any chemical reaction, nuclear reactions, gravitational […]

A team of researchers at Boston College and Duke University have developed a highly engineered metamaterial capable of absorbing all of the light that strikes, to the point of a scientific standard of perfection. The metamaterial uses geometric surface features to capture the electric and magnetic properties of light in the shorter spectrum share of […]

The batteries are good enough – at least A123 Systems has batteries that will make the cut and there are likely more to come. A123 Systems is shipping their lithium based technology to Black and Decker for their professional line of power tools. These tools are said to be even more powerful than corded tools […]

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