Two University of Illinois (UI) scientists have developed an economical, environmentally friendly and component recycling way of pretreating Miscanthus.  The Miscanthus plant is often pointed to as a leading raw material solution to produce ethanol and escape the corn ethanol controversy as food vs. fuel. The UI team offers some impressive results, saying their data […]

University of Illinois at Champaign’s Praveen Kumar has some non-enthusiast news, “While we are looking for solutions for energy through bioenergy crops, dependence on water gets ignored, and water can be a significant limiting factor.” Kumar, the Lovell Professor of civil and environmental engineering at UI Champaign said, “There are many countries around the world […]

University of Illinois researchers report that several herbicides used on corn also have good selectivity to the potential biofuel feedstock Giant Miscanthus. That opens the door to much faster cultivation adoption through known farm management practices.  Weeds are the nemesis for every crop and being able to control them is a first order management practice. […]

Researchers at the University of Illinois have completed the first extensive geographic yield and economic analysis of potential bioenergy grass crops in the Midwestern United States. It’s the best work yet and suggests some impressive potential. Federal regulations mandate that 79 billion liters of biofuels must be produced annually from non-corn biomass by 2022. The […]

Miscanthus has for the temperate American Midwest likely the largest yield potential for biomass of the contending crops.  The plant does pose the lignin and cellulose problems, but confidence is high those plant products will get solutions for fuel production. Its in the field, where the production happens getting sunlight and soil nutrients into biomass […]