The possibility of achieving room temperature superconductivity took a tiny step forward with a recent discovery by a team of Penn State physicists and materials scientists. The surprising discovery involved layering a two-dimensional material called molybdenum sulfide with another material called molybdenum carbide. Molybdenum carbide is a known superconductor – electrons can flow through the […]

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has released information about a new concept in metallic alloy design called “high-entropy alloys”. The multi-element high-entropy alloy not only tests out as one of the toughest materials on record, but, unlike most materials, the toughness as well as the strength and ductility of this alloy actually improves at cryogenic temperatures. […]

Detroit inventor Gary Cola working at his proprietary lab setup at SFP Works, LLC. has developed a heat treating process for steel that produces a super steel 7 percent stronger than any steel on record – in less than 10 seconds. The new super steel, now trademarked as Flash Bainite, has tested stronger and more […]

A Yale University team led by Jan Schroers, a materials scientist, are showing that some recently developed bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) that are metal alloys with randomly arranged atoms instead of the orderly, crystalline structure found in ordinary metals – can be blow molded like plastics into complex shapes that can’t be achieved using regular […]

Duke Pratt School of Engineering scientists with colleagues at the University of Cambridge presented theoretical and experimental evidence of a viscous state for nanoparticles near their melting point in a ACS Nano published paper. The state exists over a temperature range scaling inversely with the catalyst size, resulting in enhanced self-diffusion and fluidity across the […]

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