Siluria Technologies, a Silicon Valley startup is reporting progress with a New York Times story in commercializing a nanoscience-based approach to ethylene production using a virus for the catalyst construction scaffold. The technique is focused on the ability of a genetically engineered virus to coat itself with a metal that serves as a catalyst for […]

Carbon fiber – it’s the current holy grail of structural material for transportation vehicles like airplanes, cars, trucks, busses and rail.  Moving the person or the freight is one thing; the thing that moves them is the other.  The less the moving thing weighs the more efficient and less energy required. But carbon fiber is […]

Los Alamos researchers report a surprising mechanism that allows nanocrystalline materials to self repair themselves after suffering radiation-induced damage. Nanocrystalline materials are those created from nanosized particles, in the Los Alamos research, copper particles. A single nanosized particle – called a grain – is the size of a virus or even smaller. Nanocrystalline materials consist […]

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