Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists working with Mascoma LLC have developed a revolutionary strain of yeast that could help significantly accelerate the development of biofuels from nonfood plant matter. The approach could provide a pathway to eventual expansion of biofuels production beyond the current output limited to […]

Aviation and certain other transportation sectors are likely to continue to require liquid hydrocarbon fuels in the long term even as light duty transportation shifts to alternative energy sources. Professor George Huber leads a multi-university team that has addressed challenges of introducing advanced biofuels in the transportation pool through the concerted development of technology designed […]

Lignocellulosic Biomass (LB) is the most abundant organic material on Earth.  LB could supply the sugars needed to produce advanced biofuels that can supplement or replace fossil fuels.  Humans have been using LB as animal feed for thousands of years, and for the past two centuries it’s been the raw material of the paper industry.  […]

A research group from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) uses a different concept of gene manipulation techniques to engineer plants that can be more easily broken down into biofuels. Plants high in lignin and hemicelluloses – lignocellulosic biomass – have a high content of pentose sugars (five carbon atoms) that are more difficult to […]