PhD student Tianbo Yu at Risø DTU in Denmark has discovered a new phenomenon that will make nanometals more useful in wider use while working at the Materials Research Division at Risø.  Yu has taken the research a step further in discovering the new phenomenon. The new discovery could speed up the practical application of […]

Carbon fiber – it’s the current holy grail of structural material for transportation vehicles like airplanes, cars, trucks, busses and rail.  Moving the person or the freight is one thing; the thing that moves them is the other.  The less the moving thing weighs the more efficient and less energy required. But carbon fiber is […]

Carbon laid out in a one-atom thick layer making a structure called “graphene” is being lab tested as an ultracapacitor by mechanical engineering professor Rod Ruoff at the University of Texas at Austin. Ruoff says, “Through such a device, electrical charge can be rapidly stored on the graphene sheets, and released from them as well […]

It’s weight, then air resistance, and generally overall efficiency in everything else. While oil spirals downward for the next stage in pricing we might be thinking to get lax and relieved, but it won’t last. Months maybe or a year or so and we’ll be spiraling up again. In the meantime getting set to invest […]