The following is a Guest Post by David J French, an Ottawa patent attorney with 35 years experience practicing before the Canadian and United States Patent Offices. I have written this posting for NewEnergyandFuel in response to Mr. Westenhaus’ post July 24th entitled, US Patent Office Starts Regulations From New Patent Law.  Here is my […]

A new paper from North Carolina State University’s Dr. Stephen Schanz offers a “how-to” guide on intellectual property protection, laying out the options for budding entrepreneurs as they consider how to move forward.  The question at any stage of building out one’s idea is how should a person protect those ideas?  Schanz is offering a […]

Across the planet food production has seen a dramatic increase in production from hybrid plant development and genetic research on to seeds with improved yield and pest traits. The results have gone well past the starvation minimums of times past with the continued growth in human population the sole pressure for more food. What science […]