One great goal for many is the sunlight driven design of efficient systems for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. A new innovation developed by Prof. David Milstein and colleagues of the Weizmann Institute’s Organic Chemistry Department, describes the steps in new process that rises to the challenge. The Institute’s team is demonstrating a new […]

Robert DiMatteo, the CEO of a startup based in Boston named MTPV has a new approach to converting heat into electricity using solar cells could make a technology called thermal photovoltaics more practical. Thermal photovoltaics are solar cells that convert the light that radiates from a hot surface into electricity. The first applications will be […]

Ohio State University research leader Professor Malcolm Chisholm at the Department of Chemistry and two noted researchers at the National Taiwan University Department of Chemistry have their new photovoltaic solar material research published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. The excitement is about a synthesized electrically conductive plastic combined with metals including […]

You’re aware of silicon wafers made into computer chips and solar cells by very high technological skills with huge investments. There has been an enormous payoff in new products with these things appearing in an ever-growing list of products. Those chips are made by etching circuits into silicon’s shiny surface. Black Silicon is another kind […]

Here the wind blows, the hail pounds and the insurance quote for $20K of solar panels is 4 times the savings in electricity bought from the grid. Those realities cover a large swath of inhabited land – where the glass encased solar cell isn’t practical. Durability is key to the widespread adoption of solar collection. […]

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