The startup company Calysta Energy was formed in 2011 as a spinout of DNA2.0, the largest US-based provider of synthetic genes for industrial and academic customers.  The new firm’s goal is for engineered organisms to use methane as a feedstock in producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels and high value chemicals that are cost-effective, scalable and reduce […]

A University of Maine engineer and his research team have discovered a revolutionary new chemical process can transform forest residues, along with other materials such as municipal solid waste, grasses, and construction wastes into hydrocarbon fuel oil products. Shortening up the process from biomass to hydrocarbons has long been an idea of intense interest, and […]

University of Minnesota researchers, with a breakthrough from graduate student Janice Frias of figuring out how to use a protein to transform fatty acids produced by bacteria into ketones that can be cracked to make hydrocarbon fuels has the university filing patents on the process. The ink is barely dry. U of M researchers have […]