The cover story at Nikkei Electronics Asia titled ‘Winning in the Gigantic New EV Market’ examines over 16 web pages the positioning of industry in lithium ion battery production.  Its a long piece so I’ll condense it down, but by all means if you’re interested in a world view seen from the Japanese point of […]

A jet engine for a hybrid vehicle generator set seems at first a little extreme.  But is it?  The scale for jet turbines for outside observers is the huge engine hanging from the wings of airliners.  That’s a little deceptive, as those jet’s turbine engines are much smaller than what’s visible.  The power turbine inside […]

Felix Kramer, the founder of the California Cars Initiative, a Palo Alto CA based nonprofit, has an opinion or overview or criticism on the widely held views on battery technology that’s being applied to electric vehicles.  It’s a long one available at For you I’m going to review it, check some bits and opinionate […]

Hanna Plesko, a doctoral student at the Power Electronic Systems Laboratory of ETH Zurich has worked out a better and less costly to produce power electronic converters for hybrid cars. Plesko says, “It’s rumored that hybrid vehicles can improve your image, but in some cases the automobile companies have difficulties to cover their costs.”  With […]

Perhaps you remember when Volvos looked like they were carved from wood by an axe while other manufacturers were going windswept and aerodynamic.  Then they finally switched to svelte a decade or so back and improved on that while others have moved on to muscular, angular and blocklike.  One wonders who is leading whom. Volvo […]

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