Using biodiesel as well as regular diesel in a fuel cell is for many an incredible idea. The Research Council of Norway’s RENERGI program Technical Director Dag Øvrebø is developing a new type of electric power supply unit with core components of a smart diesel reformer and a tolerant fuel cell. The system is environmentally […]

Last Monday the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation proposed a fuel economy label overhaul to measure how electric and alternative fuel vehicles stack up against gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles. The officials expect the ‘proposed’ new labels to be finalized early next year and used in 2012 model year cars. The published labels […]

This year will see the GM Volt and Nissan Leaf go on sale and likely deliver to buyers following the Tesla Roadster success with electric motors connected to the driving wheels.  The two are of three very different designs representing the three main manufactured groups of choices we’ll see.  Then there are the Do It […]

Steve Durnin’s D-Drive may be the holy grail of infinitely variable transmissions.  The video below will illustrate, at least in part.  The thrill of the D-Drive is it lacks a friction connection for neutral, hydraulic power flow or hydraulic actuation, a torque converter or any other device that bleeds off energy – it seems, but […]

When it comes to getting organized the Germans may just be the world’s pacesetters if not leaders.  No less than 33 Fraunhofer Institutes are working together on the diversity of issues that surround “electromobility.” The goal is to help German companies speed up their pace of innovation.  When it comes to the electric vehicles (EVs) […]

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