A new fracturing fluid has been created that may increase the ability to develop geothermal energy.  New Mexico State University (NMSU) Assistant Professor Kenneth C. Carroll and his researchers have created a new fracturing fluid that may increase the development of geothermal energy. Carroll is a member of a group that has published two papers […]

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has developed a new geothermal stimulation fluid that could make geothermal power production more environmentally friendly and less costly where conventional geothermal doesn’t work. PNNL recently started a now funded study to examine a similar fluid for unconventional oil and gas recovery. The oil and gas extraction fluid being considered […]

Geothermal, oil and natural gas well technology is improving and increasing as the monitoring technologies go deeper into the earth.  The technology requires circuit boards be placed down the hole in petroleum and geothermal wells and they must withstand high temperatures and pressures, excessive vibrations and other extreme environments. An alloy of gold-silver-germanium that may […]

For seven years Ontario’s inventor Ian Marnoch has been developing a new kind of “heat engine” that he says can generate electricity more economically from lower-grade heat.  While that heat could come from anywhere: the ground, the sun, or an industrial waste process, geothermal needs a much better temperature spread to achieve wide ranging use. […]

Two University of Minnesota Department of Earth Sciences researchers, Earth sciences faculty member Martin Saar and graduate student Jimmy Randolph have developed a new way for tapping heat beneath the Earth’s surface. The pair has already named the method, called CO2-plume geothermal system, or CPG.  The research was published in the most recent issue of […]

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