According to a report released last week by Pike Research we’ll see a significant increase in the use of geothermal as an energy source between now and 2020. The Pike Research analyst constructed several scenarios based on an estimated 10.7 gigawatts of geothermal capacity in existence throughout the world in 2010. The U.S., the world’s […]

Small geothermal in the US grew in the past year with 144 projects under way in 15 US states.  When completed, the projects will add more than 7,000MW of baseload power capacity, roughly equivalent to the total power used in California from coal-fired power plants.  That’s an average of 37.25MW each.  It really adds up. […]

Researchers at ETH Zurich are using heated oxygen, ethanol and water pumped into their reactor burner through various pipelines and valves and mix them under temperature and pressure conditions, which correspond to the supercritical state of water (see illustration below) in an effort to get to energy rich deep geothermal rock.  The researchers observe the […]

AltaRock Energy, the company pursuing an advanced geothermal energy technology has had to suspend its first attempt to drill a deep well in Northern California. The effort was funded by  Google and venture capital company Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with partial funding by a Department of Energy grant.  Some part of the $17 million […]

NYU Stern Professor Melissa Schilling, an expert in strategic management and technology and innovation management, and Melissa Esmundo are finding that the cost of generating electricity with geothermal or wind energy is a fraction of the cost of solar energy. More importantly the performance of both is improving much more per dollar of R&D invested […]

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