Last month the Wall Street Journal alleged Vinod Khosla was advocating subsidies for food-based ethanol. The WSJ story opined that Mr. Khosla should “take a vow of embarrassed silence,” in that Mr. Khosla has a position of claiming that ethanol is “overblown” in its role to the food price and rice and wheat shortages. Mr. […]

I was honored to be asked to participate in a conference call with Peter Robertson of Chevron Tuesday afternoon. This is the link to read the text of it. This is the link to the recording of the conversation. (May 20, 2008 API Blogger Conference Call. Also, the audio will download but may not play […]

Family is an interesting and informative exercise in people watching. In conversation the informed, ill informed, intelligent, ignorant, and indifferent all can be seen in as a microcosm of the community as a whole. Conversation for holidays that lack a lot of traditions rituals and activities lead to discussions in my family and the talk […]

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