Now that everyone with any sense is noticing, the plans and policy measures, suggestions, speeches and letters are coming out. Are they news? Are they propaganda? Food for wonks? Worthwhile or a waste of time? Some of each in varying degrees in every case. Some eerily remind of old black and white films of speeches […]

The past two weeks have seen T. Boone Pickens offer his solution to the fuel prices issue and Sunday saw the short version of the Andrew Grove and Robert Burgelman article published by the Washington Post. I admire all three of these men. I met Mr. Pickens about 25 years ago at, if memory serves, […]

The popular attention is getting a tighter focus on the costs for gasoline, diesel and jet fuel – the fuels we use to get ourselves where we want to be and get the things we want close enough to buy them. Those costs are on a steep climb up. You’re going to hear a lot […]

The bad news is piling up and making many feel that the way out isn’t in sight. I saw a poll earlier today that reported on folk’s feelings of hopelessness and wish now I’d kept the link, as it’s bugged me all day. Hard numbers will do to support the sensation; in 1970 3/4ths of […]

Professors Richard Larrick and Jack Soll at Duke University assert in their article in Science on June 20 2008 that gallons per mile has more value than miles per gallon. I agree, as I’ve figured that way and look to what it costs to get the miles we need traveled. Miles per gallon just confuses […]

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