Sweden’s University of Borås doctoral student Ramkumar Nair has shown it is possible to produce bioethanol from agricultural and industrial waste in existing plants in a socioeconomically sustainable way. Nair said, “I have been verifying a process that we hope will work in an industrial scale, when it comes to using existing ethanol factories. Thanks […]

A University of Michigan research team has joined the forces of a fungus and E. coli bacteria to turn tough waste plant material into isobutanol, a biofuel that closely matches gasoline’s properties in a combined species process.  The research team members said the principle also could be used to produce other valuable chemicals such as […]

In a new concept for biofuel cells Sabine Sané, doctoral candidate in the research training group Micro Energy Harvesting at the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) of the University of Freiburg, has found a way to make a species of tree fungus useful for the production of electricity. The idea is so innovative and unique […]

Darwin thought of much of the evolutionary process as “endless forms most beautiful” and pretty much left out fungus.   Fungus development seems to be slow, but now we know the big breakthrough was at the end of the Carboniferous period about 290 million years ago. Wood producing plants fix a huge amount of carbon during […]

Sandia National Laboratories’ biochemist Masood Hadi says the beauty of the endophytic fungi is there is no need for the cost-intensive industrial processes that are typically required to break down biomass. “These things can turn crystalline cellulosic material directly into fuel-type hydrocarbons without any mechanical breakdown.”  If this can be made to work and grown […]