For most people, perhaps excluding mathematicians, having a realistic sense of scale is hard to do.  Numbers with the thousand, million, billion and trillion tacked on makes it much easier to communicate without scrutinizing the commas and counting up the zeros.  Its handy, but it leaves out the sense of – well, scale. Whether the […]

I have come to admire Robert Rapier; just last week we had a look at one of the best pieces he’s presented. As if there is some signal a good turn deserves a bad one, Mr. Rapier came up with a post that is nonsense. The article, called the “Price of Energy,” picked up by […]

The List for Thanks

November 27, 2009 | 3 Comments

With a little thought there is quite a list of things to be thankful for even when staying on the topic of energy and fuels. There is the physics of the universe and all its marvels, the exchange between energy and matter, reactions that release energy and the amazing array of chemicals that can store […]

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