A couple of barriers sit in the way of the ammonia NH3 folks looking for lower costs and a chance at the fuel business. The N part or nitrogen is great stuff, it makes up about 80% of the atmosphere and its highly non-reactive and stabile tendency is a very good thing.  If oxygen and […]

A collaborative research team from ETH Zurich, the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), and Caltech has built a solar reactor to make syngas – a precursor for hydrocarbon fuels (You may need to click the ‘translating’ link for completion.) uses only CO2, water and sunlight. The device is a solar cavity-receiver reactor that can thermochemically split […]

Let’s start with a lie, albeit most likely the lowest level of lie, everyone is lying about ethanol.  It has gotten so that the lies are pervasive, even such that John Stossel at Fox News is making quotes and suggesting that ethanol is a huge political boondoggle. Admired bloggers like Robert Rapier have allowed emotional […]

Email can consume a lot of time.  But some gems pop up, like a simple question from an .edu address that must be from a youthful person with an earnest need to know.  The question seems small, what is the most abundant fuel in the world?  I’m having an Art Linkletter moment, “Kids ask the […]

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