Lawrenceville Plasma Physics has announced that their lab device FF-1 has run off five shots in succession. For most of us the idea that a new gizmo doesn’t just run is an anomalous thought.  But builders of the hardware of new ideas are usually faced with a series of mountainous climbs to get from an […]

Eric Lerner and his team at Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LPP) cleared a significant hurdle in the quest for fusion beyond the breakeven of more power out than consumed using Focus Fusion. Focus Fusion has now come to the billion-degree plasma temperature that yields the confinement of ions with energies in excess of 100 keV, the […]

Eric Lerner’s Focus Fusion team let go a little information at on the progress. While not a milestone, for those watching with interest the posting is welcome news. The Lawrenceville plan for the current course is made of eight steps: Get the machine to pinch, i.e. achieve a focusing of the input energy – […]

Eric Lerner’s Lawrenceville Plasma Physics (LLP) is developing a dense plasma focus fusion reactor, to use proton-boron (pB11) fuel. Lerner’s work was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is now investor-funded.  The project is aiming to produce an extremely economical, compact, environmentally safe and essentially inexhaustible source of energy.  The projections can get […]

Sander Olson has interviewed Eric Lerner who is famed for his leadership and innovations that form the Focus Fusion Society. The society is a charitable organization attempting to develop the focus fusion technology ideas and concepts into commercial reactors. Sander Olson is a journalist with a good, and it seems to me, quirky reputation.  But […]

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