Hurricane Sandy offers an intense comparison between fusion an fission.  The region’s only functional fusion plant, the Sun, handicapped by distance, stunted by late season daylight hours and limited by the sunlit area of the North Atlantic still sent massive energy into the northeast coast of the U.S. hammering the area with rain, winds and […]

Burn that Nuclear Waste

November 2, 2009 | 4 Comments

The more energy pulled out of uranium fuels the less radioactive waste remains at the end.  That fact has been on the minds of many in science and business for decades. Nuclear experts say the proposed Advanced Recycling Center (ARC) could help to solve the biggest radioactive waste concerns as the world atomic power industry […]

I was going through the Oil Sands Development Centre in Fort McMurray last Friday evening with Gail the Actuary from the OilDrum.  We came upon a perma poster showing a part of the bitumen oil molecule, a very long carbon chain thing with a smattering of hydrogen atoms mounted here and there.  In the course […]