Arizona State University scientists growing bacteria over generations under specially controlled conditions in fermentation tanks have test-tube evolved bacteria for xylose utilization. Scientists are trying to break through the innovation bottleneck for the renewable bioproduction of fuels and chemicals. They’ve looked into a new approach – harnessing the trial-and-error power of evolution to coax nature […]

University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists have come up with a new method for making interspecies yeast hybrids in the lab. The makers of beer, wine, biofuels and other products that depend on yeasts may soon have many more strains of the microorganism to work with. Beer first. About 500 years ago, the accidental natural hybridization of […]

A research team led by Laura Jarboe, an Iowa State University (ISU) assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering, is feeding pyrolysis made pyrolytic sugars of bio-oil to microbes for fermentation. A fast heating pyrolysis rapidly heats such biomass such as corn stalks and sawdust that’s fed to the microbes E. coli and C. reinhardtii.  […]

Michigan State University (MSU) researchers have designed a new biofuel production process with energy output more than 20 times that of the existing methods used on agricultural waste. The team’s results have been published in the current issue of Environmental Science and Technology.  The paper including co-author Allison Spears, a MSU graduate student, showcases a […]

The First Synthetic Yeast

September 20, 2011 | 2 Comments

Fermentation has relied on natural yeasts for centuries – now researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine have equipped yeast cells with semi-synthetic chromosomes. It is the first such achievement in eukaryotic, or complex-celled, organisms, and marks a step towards large-scale genome engineering in these cells with synthetic biology. The full paper is now […]