Jaeyoung Park, Chief Scientist at EMC2 presented the team’s work to date and explored the level of what’s needed to continue research to a net power electrostatic nuclear fusion reactor. The presentation was given at the 16th U.S. Japan 2014 Workshop. This link here downloads the pdf file of Park’s presentation. It a very graphically […]

Jaeyoung Park and the team at Energy Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2) have released a research paper (with videos) discussing the results from a scaled down version of the late Dr. Robert Bussard’s famous wiffleball method of seeking a viable net energy fusion reactor. The paper simply reports experimental results validating the concept that plasma confinement […]

The info sharks at Talk Polywell have found the U.S Navy is extending and it seems funding Dr. Robert Bussard’s IEC fusion theory at EMC2 with the eighth device called the WB-8.  The break out for the information came from Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture site. The official document’s prime comment is, “During the course of the […]

News is out there is a contract extensions and modification for EMC2 Fusion, the theory and work of Robert Bussard, that is working to develop Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) fusion.  The news was first seen at Talk Polywell and quickly picked up by Brian Wang at NextBigFuture. The latest news is an ongoing research project […]