Dr. Charles Perry at Middle Tennessee State University continues driving toward success in the development of the plug-in hybrid retrofit kit for any car.  Dr. Perry, his collaborators and students are very close, very close indeed. Perry, who holds the Russell Chair of Manufacturing Excellence, and this year’s five-member team saw gas mileage increase anywhere […]

Al Fin found a new motor design that was talked up at Greentechmedia. The excitement is due to the new design not needing rare earth magnets for high efficiency. NovaTorque released its first products; two and three horsepower 1800 RPM motors, at the end of October. The company, which has received funds from NEA, has […]

Trezium is not a new element; it’s a registered trademark for a system to drive higher efficiency electric motor energy output.  It could be an important motor market choice through the management, implementation and use of the electron flow.  The mover for the technology is Thor Power. The idea is to increase motor efficiency at […]

Oxford University in the UK has spun-out a new company, Oxford Yasa Motors, set up to commercialize a lightweight energy efficient electric motor developed at the Department of Engineering Science. The new technology promises to help firms build more efficient electric vehicles. Astute readers will realize that power to weight and the size issues of […]

I don’t mean the infamous scooters sold for those with infirmities meant for moving about within a home or other facilities.  Rather, what the rest of world outside of the U.S sees as an electric bike (ebike). A U.S firm is about to break out into a major market outside of China.  Now China is […]

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