Later today then President Obama will give his inaugural address. There isn’t much likelihood that the speech will directly discuss banking and the mess its in or how to get the mess straightened up. I expect soaring rhetoric and hot air. The title today is a take off Shakespeare’s oft quoted, “lets kill all the […]

The New Energy Congress is a site that addresses the bleeding edge of new energy and does a good job of updating things already onsite. Most interesting is the page of the Top 100 Technologies, which is a voted on list that ranks the technologies from 1 to 100. I check the news page every […]

Four Economic Mistakes

November 7, 2008 | 11 Comments

While America is filled with joy and consternation over the election and the results I’ve been thinking about what should be done about the economy. The more obvious thing is to list the “For God’s Sake, Don’t Do This List.” It’s a rather short. Founded in hard experience by America’s economy, visible to any student […]

Perhaps nothing rates as nutty as the idea now thoroughly adopted by so many that CO2 is a dangerous gas. So lets have a quick review of what it will be like to have it treated as such. Carbon moves through the planetary system’s carbon cycle to the plant kingdom in one form only. Atmospheric […]

It seems like this election season is filled with more attention from the media than any in memory. Its not, rather there is a lot more venues for election information to get to people. The old media like newspapers and radio, the middle aged outlets of TV are supplanted by several cable news channels, news […]