University of California at Berkeley chemists have developed an innovative new storage material for methane that could lessen the complexity of filling up with natural gas, and extend the range of such vehicles. The material is a flexible metal organic framework that expands when methane is pumped in. The UC Berkeley chemists and colleagues at […]

Not flex fuel – dual fuel.  Flex fuel is a system that can use similar fuels in the same system such as pure gasoline to 85% ethanol.  Dual fuel will use two differ fuels that will feed two systems.  Sounds expensive, but natural gas at such low prices is driving a market. Natural gas prices […]

3M and Chesapeake Energy Corporation have announced they’ve agreed to collaborate in designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad portfolio of compressed natural gas (CNG) tanks for use in all sectors of the U.S. transport market. CNG has often been suggested to be a good replacement for gasoline.  It is; its simpler to get to proper […]