It’s with a grave sense of relief that the news reported by the Guardian in the UK has a competitive atmosphere underway for disposing of plutonium in used reactor fuel. The UK government is in the midst of an opportunity.  They have choices for the plutonium that doesn’t include building more nuclear weapons.  One choice […]

Making the latest news is the new design from Toshiba is the 4S.  The four ‘S’s are for super, safe, small and simple.  The design is such that the tendency to call sealed reactors batteries applies as well. The technical specifications for the 4S reactor are unique in the nuclear industry. The actual reactor would […]

Del Mar-based Prize Capital announced at last week’s Algae Biomass Summit, a meeting in San Diego of experts in using algae for fuel, food, purifying water and other purposes a $10 Million algae fuel prize.  They deserve a major publicity push – so here it goes. Lee Stein, Prize Capital’s founder said the goal is […]