Chalmers University researchers have discovered that a certain bed material improves the combustion efficiency of waste and biomass. The material decreases operating and maintenance costs significantly. In collaboration with the energy supplier Eon, the researchers have proven the concept in today’s commercial boilers. The Chalmers team’s findings make combined heat and power (CHP) technology much […]

It’s likely coming and already for sale in Germany as of last week.  German gas supplier LichtBlick has installed its first home power plants for residential and commercial customers in Hamburg, Germany. The plants are Volkswagen built EcoBlue natural gas powered compact combined heat and power (CHP) plants produced by VW exclusively for LichtBlick.  The […]

ZenithSolar has broken records with its 3rd generation combined heat and power (CHP) solar energy generator, Z20 series, that combines heat and power systems to yield an incredible 72% solar conversion efficiency. According to Ezri Tarazi at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and Head of Tarazi Studio, the generator has reached record levels […]