University of Toronto engineers have combined two promising solar cell materials together for the first time, creating a new platform for LED technology. The team has designed a way to embed the strongly luminescent nanoparticles called colloidal quantum dots into perovskite. Researchers in The Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering invented […]

A new solar technology developed at RTI International (Research Triangle Institute) could make solar energy more affordable. RTI researchers have developed a new solar technology that could make solar energy more affordable by as much as 75% and thus speed-up its market adoption. RTI’s solar cells are formed from solutions of semiconductor particles, known as […]

Currently solar panels come in two main forms, photovoltaic panels to harvest visible light for electricity production and thermal panels to harvest the infrared spectrum for heat.  In a paper published in Nature Photonics, University of Toronto Engineering (UTE) researchers report a new solar cell that may pave the way to inexpensive coatings that convert […]