University of Tokyo (UT) researchers have discovered a new type of material which stores heat energy for a prolonged period. Named a “heat storage ceramic”, the new material can be used as heat storage material for solar heat energy generation systems or efficient use of industrial heat waste. The breakthrough is the new material enables […]

Mother-of-pearl, which covers the shells of abalone and some bivalves has recently inspired a new ceramic material (A pdf link).  Whether traditional or derived from high technology, ceramics all have the same flaw: they are fragile. Yet this characteristic may soon be a thing of the past. A team of researchers led by the Laboratoire […]

After more than 150 years engine manufacturers are one step closer to being able to replace spark plugs in internal combustion engines with laser igniters. Laser igniters are reputed to enable cleaner, more efficient, and more economical vehicles. So far lasers strong enough to ignite an engine’s air-fuel mixtures were too large to fit under […]