University of Colorado at Boulder researchers have developed nanobio-hybrid organisms capable of using airborne carbon dioxide and nitrogen to produce a variety of plastics and fuels. Its being promoted as a promising first step toward low-cost carbon sequestration and eco-friendly manufacturing for chemicals. By using light-activated quantum dots to fire particular enzymes within microbial cells, […]

TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Energy Systems and Technology (TUD) has been conducting pilot-scale investigations of a “carbonate looping” method for CO2 capture.  For some CO2 is a natural disaster in the making while others realize the molecule is the blood of all life on earth.  Everyone could agree that mankind would do well to become […]

The TU Darmstadt’s Institute for Energy Systems and Technology’s newly dedicated pilot plant will be utilized for investigating two new methods for CO2 capture that will allow nearly totally eliminating CO2 emissions and require virtually no additional energy input and entail only slight increases in operating costs. Known as carbon capture and storage or CCS […]