Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit researchers led by Prof. Yabing Qi, have developed solar cells using a new perovskite material that is stable, efficient and relatively cheap to produce that may pave the way for their use in the solar cells of tomorrow. Their work […]

Michigan Technological University scientists ran tests on sodium-embedded carbon and it performed better than graphene in dye-sensitized solar cells and supercapacitors. Noted as a new material, the material has embedded sodium metal in carbon that could improve electrode performance in energy devices. The team noted a little sodium goes a long way. They are showing […]

Physicist Winfried Wilcke working at IBM’s Almaden laboratories, based in San Jose, California in a report by Duncan Graham-Rowe in NewScientist allows that IBM’s Battery 500 project to find an air battery solution for electric vehicles (EVs), has found a starting solution. The assertion now is IBM believes it has solved a fundamental problem that […]