Jaeyoung Park and the team at Energy Matter Conversion Corporation (EMC2) have released a research paper (with videos) discussing the results from a scaled down version of the late Dr. Robert Bussard’s famous wiffleball method of seeking a viable net energy fusion reactor. The paper simply reports experimental results validating the concept that plasma confinement […]

Tri-Alpha Energy has allowed a bit of its research out into the world with a 79 page pdf document rich in background, results of the efforts early research, and a surprise about how the potential fuel, Boron (pB11) would react in a fusion reaction.  Hat tip to Brian Wang’s Next Big Future. Tri-Alpha’s position is, […]

It seems that Richard Nebel, leader of the Bussard Fusion effort at EMC2 in New Mexico while on leave from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) isn’t so much left as still working a wide ranging in the effort to get Inertial Electrostatic (IEC) Fusion into a successful technology.  It’s a very good sign to see […]

Not a lot of news to tell, just a brief recap, some fresh links, and pertinent observations. First off, to no particular surprise, the Freedom of Information Act request from some of the folks at Talk Polywell was denied. The parties of interest, EMC2 and the Department of the Navy have sensible reasons not to […]

The University of Wisconsin hosted the 11th US-Japan Workshop on Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion on October 12th and 13th in Madison Wisconsin. Over the two days some 28 presenters covered the activities, progress and plans spread over the eight U.S., Japanese and Australian leading Inertial Electrostatic Fusion (IEC) research universities.  Plus Los Alamos National Lab […]

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