Washington State University (WSU) researchers have found a way to make jet fuel from a common black fungus. The black fungus found in decaying leaves, soil and rotting fruit leads the researchers to hope the process will become an economically viable production process for aviation biofuels in the next five years. The team, led by […]

A team of researchers led by Michigan State University (MSU) is showing how marginal lands represent a huge untapped resource to grow mixed species cellulosic biomass, plants grown specifically for fuel production, which could annually produce up to 5.5 billion gallons of ethanol in the Midwest alone. The research paper has been published in Nature, […]

Arizona State University scientists have developed a new method that relies on heat to improve the yield and lower the costs of high-energy biofuels production from cyanobacteria.  ASU has also been at the forefront of algae research for renewable energy production. ASU has run a dual role since 2007 with support from federal, state and […]

Matt Johnston, from the University of Minnesota and his colleagues have produced a global map that identifies areas of low-yielding biofuel crops whose productivity could be increased through intensification opening a new set of questions and issues. The map shows that there is huge potential for increasing biofuel production without increasing its area footprint.  However, […]

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