A soon to be released Fuel Freedom Foundation study shows a tweak to an automobile’s engine software can improve the estimated fuel efficiency by as much as 20% when using gasoline with ethanol or methanol and setting the engine to run at an optimal setting for the higher octane in so-called alcohol fuels can cut […]

In a major effort at Harvard University scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School scientists have engineered new lines of bacteria that can tailor-make key precursors of high-octane biofuels that could one day replace gasoline. The new bacteria lines report has been published […]

The startup company Calysta Energy was formed in 2011 as a spinout of DNA2.0, the largest US-based provider of synthetic genes for industrial and academic customers.  The new firm’s goal is for engineered organisms to use methane as a feedstock in producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels and high value chemicals that are cost-effective, scalable and reduce […]

Sapphire Energy, Inc., one of the world leaders in algae-based green crude oil production, today announced the first phase of its Green Crude Farm, the world’s first commercial demonstration algae-to-energy facility, is now operational.  The algae farm will grow to 300 acres, about a mile by ½ mile using 56 metric tons of CO2 a […]

Martin Linck, Ph.D. a scientist at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) reported to the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) a new process for converting municipal waste, algae, corn stalks and similar material direct to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  It’s a report not to be taken lightly, the GTI […]

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