Biology scientists at University of California San Diego genetically engineered marine algae to produce five different kinds of industrially important enzymes and say the same process they used could be employed to enhance the yield of petroleum-like compounds from these salt-water algae.  The team believes with good reason that marine algae can be just as […]

MTBE is a gasoline additive thought to make its way into drinking water and cause cancer. The big issue with MTBE, the chemical methyl tertiary-butyl ether, is it mixes easily, although sparingly, with water. If gasoline containing MTBE leaks from an underground tank at a gas station, it can get into groundwater and contaminate wells. […]

Till now the understanding of the regulatory mechanisms controlling oil biosynthesis and storage in micro algae and details of the oil biochemistry was rather limited.  Brookhaven National Laboratory scientists are now showing corrections for two long-held misconceptions about oil production in algae by proving that ramping up the microbes’ overall metabolism by feeding them more […]

Energy crop company Ceres, Inc. has had its sweet sorghum hybrids successfully processed into Amyris ‘Biofene’, a renewable hydrocarbon commonly known as farnesene. Farnesene is a 15-carbon isoprenoid hydrocarbon molecule that works as the basis for a wide range of products as varied from specialty chemical applications to transportation fuels such as diesel. When used […]

The renewable fuel producers are about to up the pressure on the world oil industry, and for consumers it’s not a moment too soon. First off, South Dakota’s government has approved a subsidy of 20 cents per gallon for ethanol plants to transition over to butanol.  The cap for the subsidy is $4 million per […]

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