Somewhere in Kern County, California there is the state’s biggest oil find in 35 years.  Experts say that might stimulate new exploration in California and the U.S A few years ago, Occidental Petroleum Corp. executives told investors that an oil bonanza awaited any outfit that could “crack the code” of California’s seismically fractured underground.  It […]

I nudged the wonderful Jane Van Ryan at the API last week shortly after the press release came out about ExxonMobil and Craig Venter’s SGI setting out with $600 million to try to get algae sourced oils into the market.  Even at ExxonMobil, $600 million is a sizeable amount of money, with a certain amount […]

Algae has a competitor coming for bio oil – diatoms have the potential to compete and may have a list of problems to price parity with petroleum that is different and may be less challenging. The leading reasons behind diatom research are: Geologists claim that much crude oil comes from diatoms. Diatoms do indeed make […]

Back in September of 2008 UOP, a Honeywell company, and Ensyn announced they would form a new joint venture company to use UOP’s Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) technology expected to use municipal, farm and forestry wastes. This new company would also accelerate research and development efforts to commercialize UOP’s next-generation upgrading technology to refine the […]

First up is the most familiar name, Coskata. A couple months ago the company had expected to close on a deal to build a 100 million gallon annual plant using sugar cane bagasse. The deal is yet to finalize, which comes as no surprise today. The technology is gasification of the bagasse, or the cellulose […]

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