Chemists at the University of California, Davis, and Stanford University are revealing how bacteria make free hydrogen and perhaps opening ways for science to imitate them.  Producing hydrogen easily and cheaply by chemical water splitting is a dream goal for clean, sustainable energy and bacteria have been doing exactly that for billions of years. In […]

A University of Michigan research team has joined the forces of a fungus and E. coli bacteria to turn tough waste plant material into isobutanol, a biofuel that closely matches gasoline’s properties in a combined species process.  The research team members said the principle also could be used to produce other valuable chemicals such as […]

University of Minnesota scientists have developed a way to grow iron-oxidizing bacteria using electricity instead of iron.  The new development opens the possibility for further study that could lead to developing organisms that could one day be used to turn electricity into fuel.  All civilization would need then is an abundance of electrical generating capacity. […]

University of Michigan scientists have discovered a molecular assistant they’ve dubbed ‘Spy’ that helps bacteria excel at producing proteins for medical and industrial purposes.  While the prime motivation is to work at proteins for medicine and industry, finding responses that improve production of desired traits is news – and it will provoke a search and […]

Bacteria That Release Oil as They Grow Xinyao Liu and Professor Roy Curtiss at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute have coaxed photosynthetic microbes to secrete oil so bypassing energy and cost barriers that have hampered green biofuel production.  The results appeared March 29,2010 in the advanced online issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy […]

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