In a collaboration of universities across the U.S., Iceland and the United Arab Emirates the metabolic network of the algae strain Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has been documented.  This will provide a new platform for genomic data analysis and phenotype prediction. A metabolic network reconstruction encompasses existing knowledge about an organism’s metabolism and the genome. The research […]

Dr. Timothy Devarenne, AgriLife Research scientist with the Texas A&M University department of biochemistry and biophysics points out, “Oils from the green algae Botryococcus braunii can be readily detected in petroleum deposits and coal deposits suggesting that B. braunii has been a contributor to developing these deposits and may be the major contributor. This means […]

A major potential from algae is they could change the energy source of fuels from the ancient fossil fuels to current account renewable fuels.  That goal has two Kansas State University engineers assessing systematic production methods that could make the costs of algae oil production more reasonable. Algae production presents major obstacles to scaling at […]

Del Mar-based Prize Capital announced at last week’s Algae Biomass Summit, a meeting in San Diego of experts in using algae for fuel, food, purifying water and other purposes a $10 Million algae fuel prize.  They deserve a major publicity push – so here it goes. Lee Stein, Prize Capital’s founder said the goal is […]

Business Wire and the Wall Street Journal are reporting and commenting on Exxon committing $600 million to Craig Ventor’s Synthetic Genomics to brew fuel from algae.  Its a watershed mark for alternative fuels and could mark a coming of age for alternative fuels.  Exxon is known in the industry as the top engineering skilled company […]