University of California Berkeley researchers in the College of Environmental Design working in Singapore show that slightly raising indoor temperatures and equipping office workers with smart fans saves significantly on overall office building energy costs while maintaining employee comfort. The research was conducted by a consortium of engineering specialists in the U.S. and Asia led […]

A Louisiana State University (LSU) research physicist team has discovered a breakthrough magnetocaloric material that cools. The press release believes food refrigeration and air conditioning may become more efficient and environmentally friendly thanks to the patent-pending work of physicists. Lead researcher LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler said, “The world refrigeration market is expected to increase […]

Starting with the Ericsson Cycle idea, Purdue University researchers have developed a new type of heat pump that could allow residents in cold climates to cut their heating bills in half. Eckhard Groll, a professor of mechanical engineering who is working on the project with James Braun professor of mechanical engineering and W. Travis Horton, […]

A/C is the product that raised U.S national human productivity more than any other in the second half of the 20th century. More people could work in more places than ever across more of the climate extremes in a far more comfortable environment.  But refrigeration A/C is a power hungry method to dry and cool […]

June 2008 saw the University of California Davis’ Western Cooling Challenge inauguration.  The Cooling Challenge is a program of activities designed to help cooling-unit manufacturers deliver better products, and to help building owners install and use those products in their new and existing low-rise, nonresidential buildings such as suburban retail and office buildings. The first […]

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