PowerSat Corp. has filed a provisional patent for two technologies called BrightStar and Solar Power Orbital Transfer, that are expected make the transmission of space solar power more cost-effective by reducing the price for launch and operation of systems as large as 2,500 megawatts by about $1 billion. This follows Solaren’s recently signed deal for […]

Pacific Gas and Electric the southern California utility asked California Public Utilities Commission last Friday for permission to buy 200 megawatts of electricity from Solaren’s orbiting power plant when and if it’s built, projected for 2016, a mere 7 years out. PG&E spokesman Jonathan Marshall said, “We’re convinced it’s a very serious possibility that they […]

Friday saw NASA’s former manager of Exploration Systems Research and Technology Program, John C. Mankin who is regarded as one of, or the foremost expert on space based solar power announce the results of demonstration of wireless power transmission. Space-based solar power, in which large satellite solar panels collect plentiful solar energy in orbit and […]

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