Some politicians and almost all of the mass media think we’re all stupid, and the pollsters often prove the case.  Mass murder is a serious problem that rips at the very sense of reason and humanity.  There are a few truly wonderful people out there and a few truly horrible ones as well. In some […]

April 24, 2012 is a noteworthy day as Planetary Resources came out with their early details.  Thanks to Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture and Al Fin there is a wealth of information scattered about.  So lets get those briefs and links lined up for those of us quite interested and curious over the potpourri of the enthused. […]

This Thanksgiving Holiday follows others without a break; with hardship on some, confidence lost for many and uncertainty for everyone.  We all have good reason to be suspicious.  But: The story for Americans after a year of trials is to take a day for thinking of the positive and spending thoughts on what is good, […]

He’s Back!

November 9, 2011 | 3 Comments

The grid failed due to wet snow and high winds last night about 12:55am.  So no post was made.  But what was written is now on the server to load tonight. We’re pretty busy here without the grid feeding 7500 volts to the transformer.  An 8 hp 4000 watt gasoline generator is powering this writing […]

Today is a celebration of Labor, people working to meet needs, acquire their wants and obtain some wishes come true.  For many, not enough or for everyone that is a truth today. It’s been a tough year, confidence has dwindled, cash flow is down, prices are up – the squeeze is on. It’s time to […]

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