April 24, 2012 is a noteworthy day as Planetary Resources came out with their early details.  Thanks to Brian Wang’s NextBigFuture and Al Fin there is a wealth of information scattered about.  So lets get those briefs and links lined up for those of us quite interested and curious over the potpourri of the enthused. […]

This Thanksgiving Holiday follows others without a break; with hardship on some, confidence lost for many and uncertainty for everyone.  We all have good reason to be suspicious.  But: The story for Americans after a year of trials is to take a day for thinking of the positive and spending thoughts on what is good, […]

He’s Back!

November 9, 2011 | 3 Comments

The grid failed due to wet snow and high winds last night about 12:55am.  So no post was made.  But what was written is now on the server to load tonight. We’re pretty busy here without the grid feeding 7500 volts to the transformer.  An 8 hp 4000 watt gasoline generator is powering this writing […]

Today is a celebration of Labor, people working to meet needs, acquire their wants and obtain some wishes come true.  For many, not enough or for everyone that is a truth today. It’s been a tough year, confidence has dwindled, cash flow is down, prices are up – the squeeze is on. It’s time to […]

The 4th of July, set as Independence Day, may be history’s top breakout for human beings.  By breakout, independence means breaking free of the yoke of government. History is replete with governments controlling people for the government systems’ own interests.  From kings tyrants and dictators of one person in power to collusions of many using […]

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