It’s coming – research interest is moving toward seaweed from algae.  For algae enthusiasts, keep in mind that technically speaking common algae is micro algae and seaweed is macro algae.  They both offer a huge advantage to other plants in line for fuel production. These two life forms offer efficiency; they grow without using energy […]

Brian Wang at the site Nextbigfuture spotted a new pdf file on the BlackLight Power site that has a wealth of information with a significant notation about the company’s progress on validation called “Updated Technical Presentation –  4/21/10.” The notation from the third page in the pdf is, “Validations and Technical Due Diligence – underway […]

Off the view for all but niche energy and some finance people BlackLight Power is coming into being for production of power and other uses for the hydrogen the BlackLight process changes into a hydrino while releasing heat energy. Over the past two years considerable progress has been made both in the development of “fuel” […]

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