Brilliant Light Power, which we knew as Blacklight Power has developed the firm’s hydrino technology up to public demonstrations with measured and third party oversight. The known oversights include both academic and industrial representatives and now including major finance people. Dr. Randell Mills is on a roll.

Image Credit: Brilliant Light Power. Click image for the largest view.

Image Credit: Brilliant Light Power. Click image for the largest view.

The firm’s website has a useful press release out last week and lots of hydrino technical data to wade through. However, Brian Wang at has assembled an excellent post that rapidly brings a reader up to date. The page is rich with all of it – text, photos and video. Its a pretty quick read through and explains things well.

If you’ve a mind to, click right on over to Wang”s page “Super controversial Brilliant Light Power aka Blacklight Power Claims to Be Generating Bursts of Megawatt Power and Claim Independent Validation”. Otherwise, or come back later, and we’ll deal with a few issues.

First off, is Dr. Mills credible? Over the years many thought to be credible folks have offered a logjam of commentary suggesting Dr. Mills has nothing there. Meanwhile they overlook the fact that saying such doesn’t make the remarks any more credible than Dr. Mills offerings. But Mills and his team are doing the work and publicly showing the results with third persons of unquantified objectiveness commenting. We’re way passed the sham fraud snake oil sales phase. Hydrinos are a replicated phenomena. Putting power on the grid, powering a large mobile device or other “Mass Media” satisfying proof is not. Yet.

The Brilliant Light Power folks that were Blacklight – and thankfully that name is gone – are still looking for the power emitting device to go commercial. The latest one offers net power, even though the energy capture is photovoltaic, thus not particularly efficient.

So there is lots of potential there. Plasma level temperatures, intense ultraviolet light, heat and lots of it.

Hydrinos, cold fusion, low energy nuclear reactions, alternative hot fusion and others are straining the scientific establishment. Real science that isn’t fitting up with how things are understood now poses adjustment and new concepts. Its not really a problem, at least for engineering and consumers, unless they listen too intently to the establishment. They are huge opportunities awaiting the insight, innovation and inventiveness needed to get to market.

Dr. Mills is closing in. Imagine that he can get effective hydrino producing energy into homes or cars at highly efficient rates at costs at or below current energy. A gallon of water vs one hundreds gallons of gasoline, or even a quarter of that – ? Sign me up.


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  1. brian ahern on July 19, 2016 5:44 AM

    This is an obvious inside job! There is not a scintilla of idependent data.

  2. Gennadiy Tarassenko on July 20, 2016 9:04 AM

    Cold fusion on the basis of the model of the planet Earth

    Tarasenko G.V.
    Caspian state university of technologies and engineering named after Sh. Esenov, Kazakhstan,
    Minerals formation in the Earth crust is connected with electric discharges that leads to cold fusion processes in the Earth crust. It is visualized in the tests on oil extraction of sodium carbonate solution. Electric discharges study can provide a lot of useful on turning some chemical elements into another. But cold fusion processes in the form they are understood by physicists can not exist without gravity or magnetic field as it is presented in the Earth conditions. Cold fusion can not produce heat as nuclear fusion. To create natural cold fusion process it is necessary to construct the model of the planet Earth. Its creation is made in a special reactor which is mounted into stator of electric motor instead of rotor. High voltage discharger protectors and solution similar to that of reservoir conditions and ball noddles are in reactor. There is voltage at starter in the reactor with the help of electric dischargers.
    Dynamo effect of the planet Earth was considered at different times by many researches (Melnikov, Brazhnikov), but it was connected with convection. Last seismic and seismological data allowed to study inside structure of the plant Earth where several geo spheres were singled out from the core to the Earth crust. As it is known the speed of geo spheres circulation decreases from the core to the surface. If drift speed of the continents is registered by GPS data then down geo spheres speed measuring has not been developed yet. Trubitsin supposed the speed of mantle is 1 – 10 m/year (1998), and core – 1 m/second (2003). There is a difference of geo spheres spends from the core to the surface. This process can be associated with gear mechanism in the automobile that is finally erased and is changed (engagement). The same effect leads to dynamo effect of the planet Earth that serves as electricity generator. Energy accumulator is this case is rock sphere having the characteristics of electric condenser. Earth condenser plates are rocks (plates) and a pad (isolator) in its turn are fluids, circulating (migrating) between the layers. Fluids are formed in the zones of subduction of rocks containing organic substances.
    During absorption rocks are levigated (flour) because of burr stone effect forming at the expense of speed difference of layers and geo spheres. Deep-seated fluids dissolve and remove at great distances different stones in it (clay, limestone, etc.), forming in this way basal plates where fluid migration happens. Thus rock sphere serves not only as electric condenser but also radiator for cooling nuclear nucleoplasmic process: oil – from organic substances – carbon dioxide and hydrogen and water from oxygen and hydrogen. Therefore oil is of organic origin and water non organic but the mechanism of their transformation is electric explosion in the Earth crust and mantle leading to nucleoplasmic reactions of cold type (under 6000С). The confirmation of this conclusion is palynology data of fluids (Medvedeva, 1977), where spores and plant pollen is contained being preserved at 6000С.
    At the same time basal plates serve the lubrication for geo spheres circulation and plates movement (lamination, scutes). During plates movement ragging takes place at the expense of stretch (break), forming sinkholes, fault polish, stylolitic commissures, listric breaks. Сavitations are filled with fluid that at the expense of electric discharges in the Earth crust lead to cold fusion processes, leading to the formation of secondary sediments. They are coal, complex ore, etc. At present the confirmation of such processed at the depth are circular and cylindrical concretions (snake stones).
    The confirmation of this fact can be geological bodies – spherical concretions, the study of which during 300 years was disputable. The balls have the form of the planet Earth and consist of geo spheres (a ball inside a ball as Russian matryoshka). In the center of the ball chemical analysis have shown that there is 90 % of iron oxide (Fe2О3), and to the circumference – 5-7% and silica 70% (in the form of quartzose sandstone, hardened by clay).
    Ball concretions described by the author were formed in jurassic Cretaceous period of Southern Mangyshlak where oil and gas extraction is made. Oil-and-gas-and-water bearing formations of sub horizontally come to the surface in the area of rocky Karatau. The layer is formed with the same material as the balls but the contents of iron oxide is 2-3 %. Ball concretions were formed in basal plates of Jurassic and Cretaceous period and are filled with fluid and are granulated till the condition of flour by the rock which is considered the collector in oil geology. During electric explosion fireballs were formed having electric magnetic field and spinning of 20-40 m/a second as in L. Urutskoyev test, etc. Only by this way ball concretions of Southern Mangyshlak can be formed. Their study will allow to create conditions of having great drop energy. The example of this energy can be explosions in mines. During productive stone drifting there are sinkholes inside which there are fireballs. The confirmation of such processed are ball concretions that can be found in all ore and coal mines. Ball concretions are formed during the time of volcanoes eruptions and mud volcanoes eruptions that prove their electric origin and magma formation is connected with electric pig-iron (electric furnaces) of the earth and not the mantle but only in the zones of continental and ocean subduction. Ball concretions are found in Egypt pyramids, dolmens and other megaliths of the world. This will allow to create new energy similar to the structure of the planet Earth itself. The Earth itself produces a great amount of energy allowing to form the Earth atmosphere, animal world existence, etc.
    The resemblance of the processes taking place inside the Earth crust are researches conducted in Kurchatov institute (L. Urutskoyev). During electric explosion of wires in distilled water chemical elements where formed that were not present there before explosion. At the same time under the cover of the vessel there appeared a ball like plasmic formation with the speed of circulation 20-40 m/a second. If in the earth condensate it is possible to receive such formation during the electric explosion in basal Plates and sinkholes it will serve the confirmation of everything stated above.
    The humanity in its development have come closer to the planet Earth perception, but economic and political problems do not allow to think about the new energy. If the humanity keeps on using the Earth energy (oil, gas, water, etc.), which serve to cool nucleplasmic reactions, the planet will die together with the while civilization. It is necessary to combine forces of the whole research potential of the planet Earth to find the new energy. Any delay is irreparable.
    I appeal to the humanity under United Nations Organization guidance create all conditions to conduct research on new energy discovery. Nature itself give prompts about its mechanism. It is necessary to create general (worldwide) database, available for any human of the planet Earth. Forthcoming danger will undeceive any religious representative or terrorist.
    «One planet is one dream» is a Chinese slogan for the Olympiad of 2008. This is the most ancient state and they understood the future of the humanity correctly. So let us become the citizens of the Earth who should welcome other civilizations to the society from the Universe.
    Р.S. Montreal (Canada) conference about climate change has discussed wrong issues about catastrophe prevention. They do not understand correctly the processes of climate change at the expense of green house effect gases. Natural conditioner can cope with these gases but this is not result of human activity. It is necessary to decrease oil, water and gas extraction and prohibit to exploitate water-encroached oil-and-gas-bearing formations where there are 10 tons of water per 1 ton of oil. And only new energy can solve all problems in politics and economics.
    To achieve the goal laboratory research will be conducted in a special container reactor with different fluids, close to reservoir conditions it is necessary to: make the process of oil formation out of coal, oil formation out of organic substances, ball lightning formation conditions in reservoir beds, ball noddles formation conditions, the conditions of cold transmutation of cores of chemical elements in the Earth crust.

    [1] G.V. Tarasenko. Dynamo Effect of the Earth and the Formation of oil. EAGE, KazGeo 2010 – Where Geoscience Meets the Silk Road Almaty, Kazakhstan, 15-17 November 2010, P121.
    [2] G.V. Tarasenko Cold nuclear fusion in the Earth’s crust. 16th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-16) Chennai, India, February 6-11, 2011.
    [3] G.V. Tarasenko, A.G. Gusmanova Electrical origin of oil. 1st International conference “Hydrocarbon potential of big depths: energy resources of the future – reality and the forecast” Baku-2012, page 189-192 [In Russian].
    [4] G.V. Tarasenko Origin of oil based cold fusion and electricity in the Earth’s crust. International Geological Congress 34th IGC 5-10 august 2012, Brisbane, Australia
    [5] G.V.Tarasenko Geological aspects of cold fusion. Abstract Book The 17th International Conference on Cold Fusion::ICCF-17 august 12-17? 2012 DCC Korea, Daejeon, South Korea, c. 68.

  3. Rigel on November 20, 2016 11:02 AM

    I enjoyed this article. It always reads better if an authors name is included. If the authors name is there I missed it. Why does this matter? The internet if full of opinions and words. I use authors name to filter out.

  4. ernest irmiren on March 25, 2019 9:38 PM

    Sometime you forget of much of miracle it is that you exist. The earths crust is similar to a condensing boiler. but a boiler has a pump to push the water a round the system or a house. What pushes the water around the earth or how is the water naturally circulating around the world?

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    Brilliant Light Power Looks Ready For Commercial Scaling

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