Foro Energy, Inc. is working with the U.S. Department of Energy’s ARPA-E and the Colorado School of Mines plus the Big Oil leader Chevron that has geothermal activities underway, and investors ConocoPhillips and General Electric to develop a unique capability and hardware system to transmit high power lasers over long distances via fiber optic cables […]

Chemists from The City College of New York teamed with researchers from Rice University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory to develop a non-toxic and environmentally sustainable lithium-ion battery.  The idea is to avoid battery manufacturing based on finite supplies of mined metal ores, such as cobalt and replace them with much less costly and […]

North Carolina State University researcher physicist Dean Lee has taken a “snapshot” of the way particles combine to form carbon-12, the element that makes all life on Earth possible.  Carbon is far more crucial than carbon hysteria would allow.  Without it there would be no you or your humble writer let alone fuels, diamonds and […]

Last night Al Fin posted about Marshall Savage whose idea is utilizing solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) placed within rocks at strategic locations. This approach would produce oil, gas, and electricity using an ‘in situ process’, without significant mining or rock removal. The idea is a brilliant connection of existing technologies harnessed in a different […]

U.S. institutional politics, government agencies, and academic science have been caught in denial so strident they’re now shouting “no” while stark raving naked.  The nakedness is because of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or LENR, or an evolution of the famed cold fusion. The intellectual embarrassment is tattooed to the naysayers forever and disqualifies many people. […]

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