In six separate independent studies leading scientists from academia and industry with PhDs from prestigious universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the California Institute of Technology, confirm that BlackLight has achieved a technological breakthrough with its CIHT (Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition) clean energy generating process and cell. A webpage with links to the studies and the participant’s résumés are at this link.

Blacklight’s power production comes from a novel chemical process invented by Dr. Randell Mills that causes the latent energy stored in the hydrogen atom to be released as a new primary energy source.

Blacklight Power CIHT Cell Schematic. Click image for the largest view.

Dr. Mills explains in broad brush strokes what’s happening, “BlackLight’s continuously operating, power-producing system converts ubiquitous H2O (water) vapor directly into electricity, oxygen, and a new, more stable form of hydrogen called Hydrino, which releases 200 times more energy than directly burning hydrogen.”

The hydrino is a new form of hydrogen, which was theoretically predicted by Dr. Mills and produced and characterized by Blacklight Power.  Hydrinos are produced as energy is released from the hydrogen atom as the electron transitions to a lower-energy state, resulting in a smaller radius hydrogen atom.

The aforementioned CIHT power cell is comprised of a positive electrode, the cathode, a negative electrode, the anode, and an ion-conducting electrolyte that also serves as a source of reactants to form Hydrinos.  A hydrino-producing reaction mixture creates electricity from H2O as the reactants are constituted with the migration of the electrons through an external circuit and ion mass transport, through a separate internal path through the electrolyte to complete an electrical circuit.  The CIHT cell was invented by Dr. Mills to release energy from forming hydrinos directly as electricity.  It uses water vapor as its sole fuel source.

Terry M. Copeland PhD, the person connected to MIT said, “With unequivocal measurements of energy gain, well beyond any possible experimental error, a source of energy must be present besides that for the water electrolysis.”  Copeland assesses the Blacklight CIHT to be free of toxic chemicals, stable without self-discharges or degradation, and instantaneous power production.

Dr. Copeland also follows with a baseload unit for residential use at the 1.5 kW (about 12.5 amps worth of power) sized to take the baseloading away from the grid.

W. Henry Weinberg, who was a professor of Chemical Engineering Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology concludes his report with suggestions that funding increase to optimize the catalysts output and for producing multicell units.

The CIHT could be considered a breakthrough technology.  It’s an energy production fueled by water vapor that is humidity in the air and present wherever there is any source of water.  The CIHT cell harnesses this energy as electrical power output and is suitable for essentially all power applications including transportation applications and electrical power production completely autonomous of fuels and grid infrastructure at a small fraction of the current capital costs.

Blacklight looks to be close to announcing power production products for sale.  With Rossi’s E-Cat, the Defkalion effort and the coming Brillouin plus others in the cold fusion field, the power generation indudtry is going to change.

The curious thing is the ‘validators’ chosen.  For naysayers there will be a recheck and argument these people are not major institutions, etc.  It’s hard to imagine any major institution taking private technology and spending time and resources on it for purposes of ‘validation’.  What Blacklight has done is about as good as it will get.

It seems that Blacklight can set up the catalyst to control resulting output, that isn’t quite made clear.  Or Blacklight is working to get the catalyst preparation working to get consistency of performance.  Either way, numerous independent examiners have seen fairly complete assembly, operation and output.

Blacklight looks very real. Congratulations to Dr. Mills.  There is along way to go to get to market and Blacklight looks like it’s going to get there.


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  1. Matt Musson on May 23, 2012 9:56 AM

    They have had a lot of big time investors and have spent a long while developing their process. But, commercializing the process is something else. My guess is they are at the point where the blacklight power cell works in a lab. But, can it be enginered and scaled up to do useful work in the real world?

    I will remain optimistic – as long as they don’t ask me to invest.

    In theory, there is not difference between theory and practice. But, in practice there is.

  2. Joe Blake on May 23, 2012 1:22 PM

    The true viability of this process is to have a review of Blacklight Power’s electric bill.

  3. Joe Blake on May 23, 2012 1:26 PM

    “Terry M. Copeland PhD, the person connected to MIT”, graduate 1978. No connection since.

    “W. Henry Weinberg, who was a professor of Chemical Engineering Chemistry and Applied Physics at California Institute of Technology”, WAS a professor.

    I think it is disingenuous to use MIT and Caltech in this article because neither of these gentlemen have an current or near current affiliation with these outstanding engineering institutions.

  4. Ross Terrance on May 24, 2012 1:22 PM

    Too much talk, not enough action. When can I buy one?

  5. Kyle on May 30, 2012 6:34 AM

    This is a TRUE GAME CHANGER and all the outstanding institutions better go back to the drawing board in what they are teaching in theory. I was born at night but not last night. Never think the impossible will happen because it will. This can’t be buried and the truth has arrived. Dr Mills will be in the history books as a man who changed our Future.

    Thank you Dr Mills.

  6. Alan Monsegue on May 30, 2012 8:16 AM

    What a scam!

  7. Kyle on May 30, 2012 9:09 AM

    Seriously, forget what you think you know and start over. Can you prove otherwise? I wonder what they are teaching these days. Maybe you are drinking the same kool Aid! Seriously.

  8. John Williams on June 2, 2012 6:34 PM

    Read Dr.Mills book. He points out many logical inconsistencies in conventional QM and, to a lesser degree, relativity that cannot be resolved without serious hand waving and irrational appeals to authority or history. ie:…but…but Christianity can’t be wrong because so many people have believed it is true…but…but it can’t be just a very very good approximation like the geocentric model was because the computer you are using derpa derpa. Then when one goes back and actually looks they see the many, many, many cases where conventional science said something, that was very fundamental, was/is impossible, such as masers, lasers, gamma rays above the GZK cutoff and many many other things, a different picture unfolds. The picture is one where much of modern physics does not predict very much, and nothing that is completely novel, until they have been discovered empirically and experimentally and then, and not before, a mathematical abstraction of it is curve fitted into existing physics, whereupon, it suddenly gains some predictive ability where that phenomena is concerned, not the other way around. Then after time it is magically assumed that phenomena were actually predicted by QM or one of the other fractured branches that make up “science” without any related phenomena being observed and used to correct the theory giving it the ability to do so. This is very likely all rooted in Bohr’s mystical ideas which were the root cause of the scientific “consensus” which mashed waves and matter together into an unfathomable abstraction because of their need for some final certainty. The fact that it has been accepted by so many that matter/waves are beyond the ability of the human mind to grasp and the further consequence that the laws of cause/effect are essentially null and void have placed the foundations of modern physics on the same footing as the ancient superstitious beliefs that Zeus threw thunderbolts when he was mad. The outcome of all this is that effects are left unhindered with the ability to be empirically studied and retroactively curve fitted into existing theory but the most fundamental of causes, “matter”/”energy”, suddenly falls to the domain the Gods, being guarded jealously by the priests who uphold the dogma of certainty. I sure hope Dr.Mills is proven to be right, mainly so that all of this superstitious silliness posing as “science” can finally be put to rest where it belongs.

  9. ww8th on June 2, 2012 7:03 PM

    I have reviewed the Blacklight Power Website and observed the following regarding the CIHT “Fuel Cell” for direct electrical production:
    1. Each cell produces +0.175 volts. As expected, this is less than a chemical fuel cell for H2 + O2 producing water ( +0.7 volts). This will require a large number of cells for 120 volts DC.
    2. The electrolyte is a mixture of LiOH and LiBr. The Li compounds are held in a solid paste of MgO.
    3. The electrodes are made of pre-oxidized Nickel. Pre-oxidation is required to minimize oxidation/corrosion particularly at the anode.
    4. Argon gas (non-corrosive, non-reactive) is used to carry the water vapor to the cathode.
    5. The temperature must be relatively high for nickel to act as a cathode. Tests used 450 degrees C. The cathode of a fuel cell has to have the property of having a high attraction to H2 gas such that the H2 is split into 2H+ ions plus 2 electrons. Platinum can achieve this at room temperature, but of course is expensive.

  10. ww8th on June 2, 2012 8:42 PM

    In Addition:
    6. The power density is 0.27watt/cm2. So a 1.5 kw home unit would require 5,500 square cm of area. This converts to 0.55 square meters or about 6 square feet. Roughly, a 1.5 kw home unit would be about the size of a refrigerator.
    7. The power output divided by the electrical power consumed is roughly 35 times greater.

    Overall, this appears OK for a home power unit, but does not appear practical for use in an automobile.

  11. ww8th on June 3, 2012 12:17 PM

    Some more information:
    8. Correction, the surface surface area of 5500 cm2 is the total surface area required, not the surface area per cell.
    9. The surface area would likely be limited by the maximum current density. At 0.100 amps/cm2 limit the total surface area required would be 60,000 cm2. If you used 230 cells to produce 40 Volts DC, the size would correspond to 260 CM2 per cell or about 6 by 6 inches for a 1.5 KW unit.
    10. Development of the CIHT unit will lower the temperature and reduce the size compared to the test module.
    11. It appears the CIHT Unit would be most similar to an Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC). These are the type used by NASA in the Space Shuttle.

    A Good Fuel Cell reference:

    “Alkaline Fuel cells are too bulky for use in car engines. They are, however, the cheapest type of fuel cell to manufacture so it is possible that they could be used in small stationary power generation units.”

  12. H. Lee on June 4, 2012 2:15 PM


    Question for you. Since it appears that the science is valid, both in theory and practice, now comes the engineering and design of funtional products. Does the 1.5KW goal appear to be attainable quickly (end of 2013 is blacklight’s guidance)? What kind of budget will it take? Is now the hard part for this little company…getting the actual product to work realiablly, designed and sourced at a price that economics hold up?

  13. John Williams on June 5, 2012 6:29 PM

    H. Lee

    You are right that this will probably be the hardest part. First, this process will need to be scalable and shown to be safe, which in themselves are very large hurdles, then, after those wrinkles are hopefully settled, things will become much easier, especially as widespread verifications of scaled power generation and some degree of retreat from skepticism and dogmatic physics occurs. The end of 2013 is a reasonable estimate but it is really impossible to say and depends on what occurs in the meantime, especially in regards to resistance to the science underlying this idea which can undermine intellectual property rights dragging the entire process out longer than it would otherwise. On the other hand new fundamental ideas in physics will generally trigger a cascade of new ideas and inventions and as the multitude of new LENR energy company attests it is entirely possible that a slew of new power generation technologies may proliferate driving faster adoption of these new and novel technologies. In other words neither this invention nor any of the other ones popping up exist in a vacuum so what will end up happening is extremely hard to predict.

  14. Geru cusenza on July 10, 2012 6:39 AM

    Email me with latest development

  15. Bongstar420 on December 17, 2012 7:25 PM

    This person has been doing this since the 90’s. I have a hard time believing it. It would be cool, but its hard to believe.

  16. lori mcmullen on April 24, 2013 12:32 AM

    Keep up the good work. Your family is very proud of you. Your cousin, Lori McMullen …. Oxford, Pennsylvania

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