2011 saw 30 billion gallons of biofuel produced worldwide – or 136.4 billion liters or 4 billion cubic feet.  It’s a huge tank if it all was stored on one enormous site. Pike Research has looked into the commercial efforts of 10 independent “Big Oil” firms to see what’s going on.  As you can imagine […]

Nuclear fusion might be achieved in a preheated cylindrical container immersed in strong magnetic fields.  A series of computer simulations performed at Sandia National Laboratories show the release of output energy that was, remarkably, many times greater than the energy fed into the simulation. Sandia researcher Steve Slutz, lead author of the paper published at […]

A Guest Post by Paul Driessen Edits in Italics. When President Obama took office, regular gasoline cost $1.85 a gallon. Now its hit $4.00 per gallon in many cities, and some analysts predict it could reach $5.00 or more this summer. Filling your tank could soon slam you for $75-$90. This winter was warm. Our […]

About 30 years ago Sandia Labs developed polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) bits for geothermal drilling.  Today nearly two-thirds of the oil we use comes from wells drilled using the (PDC) bits.  That’s technology gone astray, valuable – and still missing the original point.  Now Sandia and the U.S. Navy recently brought the technology back full […]

The insightful and clever folks at UCLA have used a standard LightScribe DVD optical drive ($25+ and up at Newegg.com today) to produce a new type of capacitor electrodes that not only maintain high conductivity but also provide higher and more accessible surface area than conventional electrochemical capacitors (ECs) that use the typical activated carbon […]

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