Ny Teknik’s Mats Lewan has interviewed Alexandros Xanthoulis a representative of the investors supporting Defkalion about the firm’s shall we say, Ni+H=E, LENR or Cold Fusion technology independent testing protocol.

On the Defkalion website the report has it said, “Tests with the presence of high level (Greek) government officials have been concluded. Opinions and results were very positive. Announcements will be made upon mutual agreements, at a time yet to be defined.”

Mr. Lewan is reporting the test was conducted on February 24th and that it was not focused on safety because the product is not ready yet for such tests. Instead, the focus was to show that there was excess heat energy released from a ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reaction’ and not from a chemical source. The test lasted for 24 hours and included both an empty and an active reactor, which were switched after 12 hours.

Xanthoulis also revealed to Mr. Lewan that two of the seven international groups have already carried out their tests and that the last of those tests is scheduled for late March. He did not say when or if the test results will be published.

To complicate things, the tests are being performed on bare reactors without cooling – the same reactors that are part of the Defkalion heating product called Hyperion.  That obviously sheds a lot of radiant energy off as well as a lot of kinetic energy through convection into the air.

Defkalion's Hyperion Ni+H=E Prototype Reactor

No specific details or results have been released.  For the Greek government’s position they neither confirmed nor denied its involvement in the test, but it most probably took place.

Back in January Defkalion announced invitations to “internationally recognized and reputable scientific and business organizations” to do independent testing with their own instruments on the reactors.  Measurements are be made on the “bare” reactor without cooling and according to Defkalion, temperatures above 650°C will be reached.  Of prime interest is an energy output claim that is far more than 20 times the input electrical power required to start the reaction.

The test protocol is to use two reactors, one fueled and one empty in parallel over a time period and then switch them and re run the test.  Defkalion expects to use a test method known as “Differential thermal analysis”.  Additionally, alpha and gamma radiation will be measured, and the reactors will be weighed, measured, and the independent testers will be allowed to open the reactors.

There may be some delay on getting the Greek government report, who as everyone on the planet must know by now, has its hands full trying to shrink and stay afloat from prodigious overspending.

The background is also a difficult story.

Professor Christos Stremmenos, a Greek gentleman who used to work at the University of Bologna came in contact with Andrea Rossi.  By the spring 2010 he had informed Prime Minister Papanderou about Rossi’s technology at a meeting including Professor Achilleas Mitsos, General Secretary of Research and Development of the Greek government, and Dr. Apostolos Baratsis, vice president of the state energy company DEH.  That led to the formation of Defkalion who in turn signed an agreement with Rossi in November 2010.  Professor Stremmenos was appointed chief technology officer at Defkalion, but now has no active role in the company. To complicate things, he has been criticizing Defkalion.

Aside from the personalities and temperaments involved, the facts on report seem to support that the Defkalion reactor might be producing thermal energy at high rates.  Now we have news that two independent test protocols have been completed and one government one as well.  So far – no one is calling a press conference to dish out a condemnation – a major temptation if the testing had failed.

That leaves us encouraged.  Defkalion has its independent tests, Rossi is working at consumer acceptance including involving the U.S. based Underwriters Laboratory.

The number of people on the inside of all this is getting pretty large.  It’s getting late now for a scam allegation to have much merit.  The tipping point is creeping up fast for moving to the “prove it doesn’t work” position.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that the Ni+H=E technologies get to market soon and that more are on the way.

Ni+H=E – you can say you saw it here first!  Your humble writer needs something to wall off the complaints over terms and perhaps to make quick sense to the soon to be millions of consumers.


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  1. Craig Binns on March 1, 2012 8:51 AM

    “To complicate things, he has been criticizing Defkalion.” That’s putting it mildly! Here’s what one writer, Hank Mills, is quoted as stating on the topic in PESNetwork last October: “Stremmenos … accuses them of lying, making false accusations, and being afflicted with the mental pathology of megalomania. Being so close to the company, Stremmenos’s statements are particularly alarming. Coming from anyone else, the statements would be less concerning. But if anyone should know what Defkalion has been up to and their internal affairs, it is him.”

    Stremmenos’s concerns appear to have had a prophetic quality. Unpublished results of poorly-defined test procedures conducted in the presence of unnamed government officials are not credible evidence of anything at all, let alone a revolution in energy generation.

    Since you posted your article, of course, Defkalion have announced that “Until Defkalion Green Technologies has its product, we shall no longer get involved in the games and blogs of online media. Our next announcement in the coming months will be that of a successful and certified product.” http://www.defkalion-energy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6909 and their blog forum has been either shut down or at least heavily redacted, according to various reports from both pro- and anti-Defkalion commentators.

  2. kwhilborn on March 1, 2012 11:05 AM

    Let us hope things speed up on the news front. Once L.E.N.R. is confirmed as true which it appears Defkalion is attempting to do (If they are not completely full of poop).

    Even without demonstrated abilities to control the LENR reaction. The more proof that can be gathered that the LENR reaction does indeed exist the closer we are to heavy funding.

    The CERN institute is having a LENR conference on March 22. Anybody who realizes the influence and span of CERN can see where this conference is at least in the correct place.

    CERN is home of billions of dollars worth of underground physics equipment and is sponsored by over 20 countries.

    I hope people attend this conference and I hope the presenters (who have successfully run LENR) are capable of influencing those present.

    I honestly do not know if Defkalion or Dr Rossi have anything controllable. I tend to feel that they broke into the field before they could control this reaction. I think if they could actually control the excess heat they would demonstrate that instead of demonstrating LENR.

    I think Andrea Rossi is amazing, and I have little faith in Defkalion except bleak hope.

    I wish more people would accept that LENR is real as it has been replicated worldwide and is repeatable, has been the subject of peer reviewed papers and books. Even Wikipedia has been updated to accept LENR now. LENR is beyond question (unless you are Dick Smith), it is the ability to keep it controlled that is the hard part.

    Let’s cross our fingers…

  3. Craig Binns on March 1, 2012 11:57 AM

    kwhilborn, I agree that LENR should be looked at, though I’m not at all convinced of its reality. If the article had been about LENR in general I would have been much more sympathetic. But Rossi and now Defkalion have the signs of free energy scams stamped all over them. Many decent people have lost lots of money to energy swindles, so extreme suspicion seems justified to me.

    If Rossi or Defkalion have viable devices, let them be switched on, and let the world see them. Otherwise R and D should shut up, and stop stringing people along with more and more incredible tales.

  4. Jerry Taylor on March 1, 2012 12:31 PM

    Craig, obviously you know little about the difficulties involved with bringing a new product to market especially one of this magnitude that “could” change the world as we now know it, somehow getting this all past the big boys (do I have to explain?) who obviously do not want to see this technology happen anytime soon.

    Lets give them (Rossie & Defkalion) the benefit of the doubt, for the time being, after all you and I nor anyone else here in blog-land have lost anything (money) at all in all this at least not yet – hello
    Dick Smith. So take a deep breath and chill out until the facts are known…

  5. Craig Binns on March 1, 2012 12:53 PM

    Jerry, if you think about it, you will perceive that giving people making extravagant claims the benefit of the doubt without limit of time is not a viable way of discovering the truth.

    Rossi has had ample time to demonstrate the authenticity of his assertions but not merely has he not done so, he has created delay after delay. By now we can say, he has not proved his case, although he has had sufficient opportunity, so it is false.

    Bear in mind that the burden of proof resides with the person making a claim. Rossi is now simply stringing along an ever-decreasing number of infatuated contrarian believers. He has failed to provide not merely sufficient evidence, but any reasonable evidence.

    Defkalion is now following the same path of obfuscation and delay.

    Your suggestion that scams don’t matter if you are not the person losing money is not one with which I find myself in a state of profound agreement.

  6. Benjamin Cole on March 1, 2012 5:50 PM

    The burden of proof is not on those who say a new machine will not work. It is on those who want to raise money from investors (the most likely outcome) and produce the product for safe use in the world (the least likely outcome).

    If you got something that works, show us. Let is replicate results independently.

    Investors are getting rooked–the probable outcome.

  7. Arnd on March 2, 2012 5:59 AM

    I am not sure if ECat works as Rossi tells us. I am pretty sure that it is not a scam though. What would Rossi gain? He never asked anybody for advance money, quite the contrary. His technology does not seem to be too far fetched, LENR is researched a lot at the moment.

    That being said, i will not buy the first ECat, i will wait for generation 2 if it ever happens.

  8. jetmech on March 2, 2012 8:11 PM

    Arnd you are using old news. Rossi himself says he has investors.
    Do some more reading.

  9. Craig Binns on March 7, 2012 2:46 AM

    Arnd, you couldn’t be more wrong! See the site andrearissiecat.com where you may read this in an aricle posted 27 Feb:

    “An interview with Italian inventor Andrea Rossi by Frank Acland confirmed that an Investor’s Trust is now involved with the affairs of Leonardo Corporation. These investors have no wish to be identified in public. Rossi acknowledged that he is now accountable them has to prove his merit as a CEO of Leonardo Corporation. The company has the funds to spend for its commercialization now.”

  10. Kefef Wivanef on July 23, 2013 2:38 AM



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