Your humble writer saw the commodity market news that the administration is releasing 30 millions barrels of crude oil from the strategic reserve.  1st thought . . . Pfft.  The U.S.’s thirty million plus thirty million from others is about 2/3 of a day’s use or production.  It’s below paltry – its two thirds of a percent over a month – 00.138% over a year.  Count out the others and its half that.

Didn’t we taxpayers buy a strategic petroleum reserve?  Somehow the meaning of strategic has lost its value.  Even worse, done once, the clamber for more will come fast furious and shrill.  You’ve been sold out, our oil, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel safety net itself isn’t even safe.  The second thought is it’s insulting to start, alarming with some thought.  As noted, once the strategic reserve is cracked, sealing it back up again may be impossible.

The third thought questions motives.  Why on earth would a president and his administration betray a national investment in economic safety and self-protection?  Some people love to remark on how intelligent the guy is, but there isn’t much intelligent action to see, at hand or it seems, to come.  A national betrayal, even as there will come the claim the authority was there, is plain to see.  Oil flirted with over $100 per barrel for months, but it won’t hold, its been slipping and a price crash is possible setting off another dive cutting supplies followed by another price run up. We’re all better off when those price moves are gradual.

The suspicion is the tapping of our oil safety net is from a political motive.  Now some will say not so – but good luck with that, we’ll just let it be a suspicion for now.  With the news about misery indexes and hard real misery out there, plus the widespread and deepening loss of family net worth from the citizenries’ home inventory, the expected pending layoffs across government, etc., this administration is showing its bereft of leadership.

Leadership doesn’t require intelligence; common sense and some smarts will do real well.  In the coming days there may be the question, how far back does one have to look to find such incredible incompetence in a president?  The term so far only has two events some can find as positive, ObamaCare and Financial Reform, both headed into slow motion disasters if the forecast reports that trickle out are right.

The fourth thought focuses on the consequences.  A1. Little oil price impact over a short time.  A2. A precedent to encourage repeating the release. A3. The strategic reserve will shrink. B1. Many will applaud the move. B2, Many will be appalled. B3. It will take a while for the mass to realize the betrayal. C1. Serious pressure will mount to repeat the release across a vast spectrum of special interests.  C2. The price of oil will move even more unpredictably because the market that finds the price will have a new player, the U.S. administration. C3. The administration will play fast and loose in a market that will eat them in the end – when the citizen’s safety net runs dry.

The reality check is about a “moon view”, a kind of objectivity from way out there.  For several presidential terms the taxpayers have been led to understand we’re buying a reserve of petroleum to protect us from interrupted supplies.  It was never about price until lately, it started and has been about not having enough.  Surely there are people who remember gas lines?

But it’s done.  There is no hurricane, no war of a major proportions choking off the world’s oil supply.  No natural or man-made event to stress the market such that the gas stations are empty.

22 times or so and the reserve is dry.  How long until the special interests figure out to up the demand from 30 million barrels?

The moon view offers one other point.  It’s one thing to influence votes using money contributed by donors sold on promoting a person and the ideas.  It’s very much something else to influence votes using the public’s property for burnishing an image.


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  1. Musson on June 24, 2011 7:40 AM

    Only people who are paying attention will realize this is a bad idea. Most people will not even know it took place – until they hear the Democrat ads taking credit for the falling price of gas.

    “how far back does one have to look to find such incredible incompetence in a president?”

    Those of us who lived through Watergate are chagrined. Operation Gunrunner and the secret War in Yemen – would have brought down most Presidents. Today, they are not even printed in the Washington Post or the NYT.

    This administration is the most incompetent administration at every level – in living memory. But, because they are getting a pass from the press – most Americans are completely unaware.

    If Deep Throat showed up Today with the goods on the Obama Administration – he would be found floating face down in the Potomac with a Washington Post letter opener in his back.

  2. georgehants on June 26, 2011 3:10 PM

    Has this web site heard of a gentleman named Andrea Rossi, apparently he’s doing something to do with new energy and fuel.

  3. Craig Binns on June 26, 2011 6:35 PM

    Yes, Georgehants. This website has heard of Mr Rossi. Look up the “fusion” section where you’ll see very many thousands of words on the topic, including my vehement denunciations of it as an almost certain swindle.

    Anyway, you’ve sure as hell heard of him, judging by your contribution to the Defkalion website at:

    “Well done, everybody concerned with Mr Rossi’s E-Cat, may this not only change the world for the better but also change science back to enthusiastic investigators and not, it’s not known Physics, it can’t be done, We know best, show me the proof, establishment led, ivory tower non achievers. Let once again, young students be able to research Science and Meta science with tolerant enthusiasm.”

    and your other bizarre diatribe against “science” in:

    “May 21, 2011 at 8:14 am (UTC 0) If Rossi had not handled things the way he has, the discovery would never have seen the light of day. “science” has had years to develop and perfect cold fusion but their insane, blind, reductionist, self important, arrogant, dead brained, self serving, peer fearing, stupid, outlook, comparable in every way to the worst dogmatic, religious, manipulations in history, has meant that all open minded science has had to overcome the closed minded censoring and persecution of academic administrates and journals. There is no excuse, “science” needs an Enema and very quickly.”

    So, where is the promised e-cat, George? Or are you in the enema waiting room too? I think I’ll be there soon also, if I have to read any more stuff like what you wrote on June 21

    “Dear Andrea Rossi, After much thought, you are guaranteed to win the Nobel prizes for both Physics and Chemistry, the world will allow nothing less. You must gain financial security for you and your family and to persevere with your researches, but if any delays occur with the free production of your E-Cats to poor people, or governments try to restrict or over tax your devices, do you agree that the “secret” of production must be given freely to the world to avoid any unwarranted delays caused by unscrupulous establishments. This is a gift for the world, enjoy your success with peace and happiness.”

    George, there’s a sort of rule about Nobel Prizes, and I think it’s a good one: FIRST, achieve something (like, say, the promised marketed e-cat), THEN pick up the prize. Simple, really!

    All Rossi’s managed so far is to fill much of Italy with toxic waste, and get banged up in the slammer for his pains. Google up “Petroldragon”. Nobel prize committees tend to steer clear of people who get up to those sorts of shenanigans.

    But while I’m on the topic of your anti-science tantrums, let me remind me of your outburst at :

    “The truth is that Scientists in general and in reality shy away from almost every opportunity not driven by financial returns i.e. medical and computer,to further knowledge and instead, belittle and dismiss any advance. … Cold fusion was strangled before taking a single breath. Only with the advent of a challenge to current cryptography methods by mathematician was the quantum let loose, for the world to learn that nothing is as it seems.”

    “‘Scientists’ that are cocooned in an academia and fully supported by the establishment have been allowed to maintain a status quo of science that is outdated, limited and plainly wrong. Reductionist, mechanistic flat earthers have been free to promote a “science” that is but a shadow of reality, neo darwinism, Darwinism, the shortfalls of which where clearly seen by Darwin and totally discredited by the modern research, that has managed to escape the Censor.”

    “Their [sic] are even now “scientists” who in the highest positions of our University’s promote a, selfish Gene, condemning more generations to classical endeavorers.”

    Help me here, George; I haven’t the slightest idea what that means.

    ” … Their [sic] are even reductionist “scientist” who with a seeming complete unawareness of any scientific method try to advocate the absence of an intelligent creator.”

    If that’s your view of science, why on earth do you want Rossi to win a science prize? Surely a Papal Blessing, or whatever your denominational equivalent may be, would be more to your taste!

  4. SlakedMercury on June 27, 2011 3:41 AM

    How do you find his posts? May not be worth the effort for me to do. Just slightly interested.

  5. Craig Binns on June 27, 2011 4:03 AM


    Google. But also I seem to be developing an instinct for sources relating to The Strange Affair of the Magic Energy Box.

    Is your remote place of residence in mountains, or forests or prairie?

  6. georgehants on June 27, 2011 4:37 AM

    Hello Craig, are you one of the open minded reporters of New Energy And Fuel.
    Very kind of you to reprint my blogs here, but may be worth reading them as well.
    Here is a new one from today, seems appropriate

    It’s called Democratic Skepticism

    Now that much of main line “science” excepts that their is an cold fusion effect, how do the skeptics respond to the incompetence, denials and failure of “science” and the “journals” to allow research of the subject for the past twenty five years.
    How do they respond to official mutterings that it is impossible, fraud, etc.

    When will they start disbelieving the official establishment naysayers who churn out reams of, it cannot be done because it’s beyond known science, we are the “experts”, “we know best”.

  7. Craig Binns on June 27, 2011 7:01 AM


    Do you have a link?

  8. georgehants on June 27, 2011 7:16 AM

    Craig, do you mean a link with reality, yes, thank you.
    I find just assessing the truth and not being influenced by it’s establishment or academic source, helpful.

    Time usually tells.

  9. Craig Binns on June 27, 2011 7:30 AM


    I included your blogs to show up the “faux-naïf” style of your “gosh golly, I’ve heard about this gentleman called Rossi” stuff, when in fact you’re one of his main propagandists. I didn’t include them for the intellectual value of their contents, to be sure.

    Whether cold fusion is valid or not (and in my view there is nothing like sufficient evidence in its favour, and most of its proponents appear to be out on the wilder fringes of human reason, as I have found time and time again) my argument is that Rossi is doing things more typical of swindlers than scientists. His secrecy, obfuscation about financing, weird “demonstrations”, and bizarre personal record of being imprisoned and then having to flee his native Italy, make it absolutely essential to treat his utterances with the most extreme caution.
    If Rossi doesn’t like people saying nay, then let him produce the evidence of the viability of his magic box. When people said nay to Edison, he sat them down and let them listen to his phonograph. They stopped saying nay. But Rossi’s steam trick was full of holes. He could easily have devised a more robust demonstration of his contraption, IF he had wanted to.

    For the most recent of my concerns about Rossi’s probity, please see my comment at and, if you would earn my gratitude, let me have a response.

    Even valid science or technology (which CF is probably not) can spawn swindles and frauds. Think “dot.con” bubble, 1840s railway boom, South Sea Bubble 1720 – where there were fraudulent companies promoting recognizable typewriters, plywood, machine guns and devices for making seawater fresh and extracting oil from rapeseed. Good ideas, but scams one and all! The better the idea, the more convincing the scam – not so?

  10. georgehants on June 27, 2011 9:21 AM

    Nobody would say there cannot be a “swindle or fraud” so what, it will be found out anyway.
    One is not bothered by the occasional clever fraudster.
    One is concerned with the freedom for any rebel with different ideas to have the opportunity to peruse them with encouragement and excitement.
    If things are censored by academic status quo addicts then progress and knowledge are doomed.
    This is not about Rossi, it is about every young student who wants to get into science and achieve, and not be told there is no funding for this and no funding for that because our non-achieving academics and establishment self-serving manipulators, in charge of scientific direction veto anything outside of known knowledge.
    Do YOU not feel that any scientist should feel proud to research any subject whether within known knowledge or not, in fact the more outside known knowledge the better.
    I am working for true freedom, not follow the official line designed to keep administrators in their ivory towers.

    You must be aware of the growing acceptance of cold fusion, it will become a reality Rossi or not, the delay from closed minds could cost thousands of lives in poor areas, is that worth being skeptical about.

    I have written a long blog just for you, think about it, if you disagree there is no point in me answering again.

    link for you.

    first entry at the moment.

  11. georgehants on June 27, 2011 9:38 AM

    An announcement from Defkalion for you.

    DEFKALION Green Technologies S.A.
    June 27th, 2011 at 2:34 AM

    Defkalion Green Technologies s.a. looks forward to face product competition producing energy with similar characteristics to ours. We believe that any such competition will be in favour of the end users who deserve the best products available at the best prices.

    We understand the challenges of industrialization of this new emerging technology and we are ready to support any and all effort towards the setup of an international independent industrial regulatory body for this new technology. Such an entity would be responsible to set up standards and test procedures for related products. We intend to support these efforts using funds created by sales from our products and not our investors’ money. We hope that others industrial players will decide to do the same in the future in order to support the sector’s standards.
    Since then, it will be very helpful for all to understand that measurements and tests protocols on kW or MW products do have some differences from protocols created when watts were the result of research efforts and performance ratio where very close to 1:1.

    It should be noted that Hyperion products (as briefly described in do not use water as a coolant but another substance which does not change phase within the cooling circuit or the heat management system. Andrea Rossi’s lab prototypes (e-cats) where demonstrated both to academia as well as to the public with water as a coolant for test simplicity reasons. The results were presented and analyzed in

    Defkalion Green Technologies

  12. Craig Binns on June 27, 2011 5:41 PM


    Can you let me have the response I requested?

    “For the most recent of my concerns about Rossi’s probity, please see my comment at and, if you would earn my gratitude, let me have a response.”

    What does this mean? From Defkalion 27 June:

    “Since then, it will be very helpful for all to understand that measurements and tests protocols on kW or MW products do have some differences from protocols created when watts were the result of research efforts and performance ratio where very close to 1:1.”

  13. georgehants on June 28, 2011 3:11 AM

    Morning Craig, sorry have missed what responses you mean, if you mean to your comments re. Rossi for my reply go to.

    and its associated blogs.

    But basically all yours and others concerns over Rossi’s technology have been addressed by inspection from people capable of detecting a fraud.

    As regards the the final proof etc. just wait until Oct/Nov.

  14. Craig Binns on June 28, 2011 10:01 AM


    “As regards the the final proof etc. just wait until Oct/Nov.”

    Oh dear! At first we were told:

    It’s for real this time, not a scam like all the previous times. And Rossi’s got the money to pay for it from his own pocket, AND it works. So all ye mockers and scoffers with your mocking and scoffing, just you wait, you’ll be eating crow in October – it doesn’t matter what you say or do – Establishment Science is DOOMED! And us ordinary folks’ll be laughing at you so called brainy know-it-alls.

    But, alas and alack, what to we find in , coming from no less a person than “Nobel Physicist Brian Josephson … a true champion – a high achiever, pretty damned smart and a ‘to-hell-with-closed-minds’ fire in his belly”? Why, we find something only too familiar to investigators of energy scams – DELAY! Yes, delay caused by the wickedness of the mockers and scoffers:

    “The unfortunate thing is there’s been a delay; there will be a delay in it getting going because the journals, and the media who follow the scientists, are refusing to publish anything. That delay will have consequences. It really does matter, from that point of view, that the scientists and the media are looking away.”

    Delay. BlackLight delay. Steorn delay. Money goes in, delay comes out. But we never get the magic boxes.

    So pray to your Intelligent Designer, and say: how many more times, O Lord, are you going to let these crooks con me? And the reply will be – until you learn to use the brains I created you with!

  15. georgehants on June 29, 2011 3:28 AM


    That is your personal opinion, I have given mine, we are both entitled to do so.
    Nothing else to say before more evidence, pro or con.
    Will keep in touch with your site as things progress.
    One of us will be right one wrong, that is the way it should be.

  16. Craig Binns on June 29, 2011 11:34 AM


    “Nothing else to say before more evidence, pro or con.”

    Sorry? Do I understand you right? Good at vituperation, but not so good at reasoned defence of your own opinions? Turned coy all of a sudden? What a disappointment, and an unexpected one from a person who can describe “science” as “insane, blind, reductionist, self important, arrogant, dead brained, self serving, peer fearing, stupid outlook, comparable in every way to the worst dogmatic, religious manipulations in history, … academic status quo addicts, non-achieving academics and establishment self-serving manipulators, administrators in their ivory towers, cocooned in an academia, outdated, limited and plainly wrong, reductionist, mechanistic flat earthers, totally discredited by modern research … ”

    But you’ve decided to wait for more evidence? Umm … How nice.

  17. georgehants on June 30, 2011 1:38 AM


    You disappoint me.
    If your going to try and be a super skeptic you have to be able to reply with just a shade of showing you have read the comments you are trying to reply to.
    Making things up as you go along is called fiction or dementia.

    Have a good day.

  18. Craig Binns on June 30, 2011 6:33 AM


    Every word in my last post is a direct quotation from your own works. I’m making nothing up.

    The fiction is yours. I won’t even let you cop a plea of “dementia”.

    Be ashamed of yourself, if you have the decency to be capable of shame!

  19. georgehants on July 3, 2011 3:16 AM

    I would certainly be ashamed of myself if I called myself a “scientist” and was so incompetent that I could not replicate another experiment.
    If I had succumbed to “establishment” skepticism and spent twenty five years saying “not known science”, so cannot be done.

    Every life lost through the delay in implementation of cold fusion, I think would encourage me to open my mind, and to be much more careful in future, to not so easily dismiss “crank” science.

  20. Craig Binns on July 4, 2011 3:38 AM

    “Implement cold fusion”??

    WHAT cold fusion? Rossi can fill Italy with toxic waste, but when has he ever demonstrated cold fusion, in a respectable experimental environment?

    He says, wait ’till October. So wait and see what happens. BlackLight will happen. That is, nothing but “investment” and delay.

    Maybe I will let you cop that dementia plea after all. You qualify.

  21. jetmech on July 8, 2012 11:59 PM

    Good old georgehants (rants) did you know he also was a proponent for steorn?
    Good laugh!
    I think he was BABCAT?
    Basically just the same illogical bull.
    So Rossi now (in the saga of Rossi Says) has achieved 600 c ecats and will be publishing “validation” by an outside source!
    Not an independent test mind you. Just another Italian actor from the Italian Actors Guild (Giovanni) who will oversee another rossi self conducted test!
    “From a Condo in Florida” report!

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