Getting biofuel supplies from seaweed has taken a giant leap forward from work by Yong-Su Jin, a University of Illinois Assistant Professor of Microbial Genomics and a faculty member in the university’s Institute for Genomic Biology. Jin and his large international team have developed a strain of yeast that can make short work of fermenting […]

Sugar beets, already grown in 11 states and across the world have been modified for ethanol production.  The new variety of the plant is called ‘energy beet’, something that ethanol users might want to be more aware of. Green Vision Group, is working to develop energy beets as a cleaner, more efficient alternative to corn.  […]

Here’s a little intellectual exercise – look at the nations of the world and compare the extent of government intrusion with the economic growth and societal standard of living.  It doesn’t take a college degree or high school diploma to instantly see the more government there’s less growth and lower living standards. Government comes in […]

Scottsdale Arizona-based startup Fluidic Energy is looking far into the future.  With a focus on a metal-air ionic liquid battery, Fluidic Energy has just received a $5.13 million research grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to expand its plan.  This follows a $3 million grant in July through the Advanced Research Projects Agency for […]

Pulickel Ajayan, the Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and of Chemistry at Rice University said, “In a battery, you have two electrodes separated by a thick barrier, The challenge is to bring everything into close proximity so this electrochemistry becomes much more efficient.”  That is exactly a […]

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